Harry Glinberg is a recognised jewelry designer in Wisconsin, but his fame has reached the rest of the United States. Glinberg’s creations have won the admiration of famous customers like athletes, tv presenters and the famous canadian singer Justin Bieber.

He started his business in 1998 with only five employees. Glinberg used his courtside seats at Milwaukee Bucks games to give business cards to injured players. His first sports customer was former Bucks forward Armen Gilliam and from that moment, the athlete was fascinated with the delicate Glinberg’s work.

The jeweler likes work with gems like emeralds and rubies, but maybe his favorite gemstone is diamond and several pieces of his store are made with this material.

<h2>The meaning of diamonds according to <strong>Harry Glinberg</strong></h2>

Popularly, this stone is symbol of deep, everlasting love, as well as the fact that it is the hardest substance known on earth. The diamond is also the stone that commemorate the 60th anniversary of marriage, and is the birthstone for the month of April. It is believed that the first diamonds were discovered in India, at least 3000 years ago, but more likely as long as 6000 years ago. In Ancient India, people viewed diamonds as religious icons.

But today, diamonds are the favorite gemstone for engagement and wedding rings. Gemologists now rate diamonds based upon what is called “the 4 C’s,” referring to carat, cut, color and clarity.

The most popular cut of diamond is called a brilliant cut, a cut where numerous facets are placed so the most rays of light will reflect through them. This cut is mathematic. A Brilliant cut does not refer to the shape of the actual stone, but the proportion and symmetry of the diamond. For this reason this gems are very expensive, but the result is beautiful and the bride will be happy.

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